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No copying pictures or posts without my permission, I want credit for my work! However you are allowed to use my pictures and posts as long as you say, "Made by Jeffrey232 at and a link to my site" © 2007 Jeffrey232 all rights reserved. Download Copyright Information If you know a site that is copying us (images posts etc.) please Report It To Us Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


Just some site info that this site Uses PST (Penguin Standard Time). In Surrey, B.C. Canada where I live we Use Pacific Time. Did you know that PST is really pacific time. They did not make up the time. They just used the time where the Club Penguin Team Is. New Horizon Interactive is the sponcer of Club Penguin. It is located in Canada. The time over there is Pacific time.

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By downloading any file you Agree that this site is not responsible to any damage on your computer or if your Club Penguin account, gets banned Club Penguin (CP) trainer 2 may get you banned but I don't know about Club Penguin (CP) trainer 3.

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